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The Donut Eating Contest of 2014

Here at the Lodge, we try to give it our all on a daily basis. Whether that means waking up extra early, doing a few extra reps at the gym, or totally going to town on some day-old olde fashioned cake donuts and eclairs from the Safeway bakery, we believe man should strive to be his best at all times. And what do you know, we stumbled across two men doing the latter of those three things a few weeks ago. So naturally, we had to shoot and produce a video chronicling the affair.

Below you’ll see friends of the Lodge Christopher Sheckler and Donovan Rogers going toe to toe in a test of will and stomach. If this does not inspire you, you must not have a pulse. Reach for the stars, my friends.


  1. Dotson

    To the tune of the Jurassic Park theme song…
    Donut time it’s time. Donut time it’s mine. Donut time, it’s Donut time!

  2. […] Probably because I’m at home a lot more than I used to be, and they’re mean. JUST kidding, they’re usually nice. If you want to get to know them better, watch the donut eating contest. […]

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