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Pay What You Want (Or Nothing)

As I methodically put together the second annual Otter Lodge Year in Review, I want to take a moment to direct the American public to this cool site The Call of the Mountain is on now. If you’re unfamiliar with NoiseTrade, it’s a place where folks can download books, audiobooks, and music for free, and then theoretically be guilted into leaving a tip. I love this concept, because you can basically try the product out risk-free, and then pay the creator at the end if it was worth your while, or don’t if it sucked..

Take advantage. Download the book and pay me whatever you want. $5. $1. Hell, $0 – really stick it to me. The world if yours. If nothing else, go check out the other books on NoiseTrade. There’s a shitload of cool stuff on there, and reading’s good for you.

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